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Literary Models

2011 - 2021

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Literary Models

Building literary models is my great passion - and is also the core of my creative work.  As a bookworm and story lover,  my model projects give me the opportunity to give all those novels and stories a concrete form for which I am particularly passionate. In doing so, I always try to capture those characteristic images, moods and associations  that I had in mind when reading the book. At the same time, the framework concept of each model should always correspond to the essence of the original story.

Of course, despite all the care I take, every one of my interpretations must still result in a compromise, because you just can never show everything. And yet, one of the most fascinating aspects of my model projects is the final comparison of my own «inner images» with those of other readers.


And let's be honest - how often do you get the opportunity to make such a comparison?

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