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Nightfall in the Lot

– August 2019 –

Nightfall (Eng) - Seitenanfang


Nightfall in the Lot

With my latest model «Nightfall in the Lot» I return one more time to the literary world of Stephen King, one of the few authors who have faithfully accompanied me since my teenage days. After «Welcome to Derry» this project represents the second part of a planned King trilogy and is based on one of his very early and, in my opinion, most intense novels: «'Salem's Lot».

The original script is among the few still highly praised classics of the vampire genre. Inspired by Bram Stoker's classic novel, this mind game deals with the issue what would have happened if a certain Count hadn't set up his tent (or opened his antique shop...) in old dusty Victorian England, but in a sleepy small American town – in Jerusalem's Lot. And so evil finds its way into the said town when one day two strangers move into the mysterious old Marsten House on the hill above the city...     »  read more

Nightfall (ENG) - Galerie


Nightfall (ENG) - Videotour


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