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The catacombs
of Bookholm

– September 2012 –

Buchhaim(ENG) - Seitenanfang


The catacombs of Bookholm

The model of the catacombs of Buchhaim (based on the novel «The City of Dreaming Books» by Walter Moers) is without doubt the most insane of my projects. It is a depiction of the Buchhaim catacombs, which underground tunnels criss-cross a large block of rock and earth - like an ant farm. Some of the main settings (the leathern cave, the crystal garden and the garbage dump Unhaim ) are also depicted. In addition to this underground area, a section of the city of Buchhaim and its main settings can be seen at the top of the block.

All in all, I have worked for about 1.5 years on this gigantic project, which basic idea ...  » read more

Buchhaim(ENG) - Galerie


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