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Everything's for Sale

– February 2021 –

ForSale (ENG) - Seitenanfang


Everything's for Sale

With my latest model, «Everthing's for Sale,» I return, once again, to the literal world of Stephen King, more precisely, to his famous novel, «Needful Things.»


This work sets the stage for the finale of my planned King trilogy, in addition to my earlier models, «Welcome to Derry and «Nightfall in the Lot It once again takes the viewer to a sleepy American small town – a well-known setting, where King loves to portray the small and larger human abysses.


The story the model is based upon is essentially a tale of seduction and manipulation. As is often the case, the tragedy begins in the most unspectacular place imaginable, namely, the town's newly opened antique and curiosity store...   
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