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Building Castle Rock

– May 2020 - February 2021 –

WIP ForSale (ENG) - Seitenanfang


Building Castle Rock

If you have been following my projects for awhile, you know that every new model usually starts with my quite-familiar struggle for a coherent concept. After all, the model's outer form, arrangement, and atmosphere should finally make up a harmonious whole that is true to the story it is based upon. Yes, sometimes it can take quite awhile until a rounded idea has emerged.


This is why also the construction of, «Everything's for Sale,» was preceded by more than a year of idea development, although the basic theme for my frame concept was decided quite early. In my adaption of the story, from the very beginning, I wanted to focus on its parable-like character of the story, on its transferability and timelessness. The question of how to realize such an idea in the most effective way, however, was much more difficult – especially because I didn't want to alienate the story beyond recognition...  »read more  

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