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– November 2016 –

Traumschaffende(ENG) - Seitenanfang



The model «Traumschaffende» (Dream Creators) is my fourth, and with its total height of 160 cm a once again quite large project. It was created in reference to Michael Ende's famous novel »The Neverending Story«.  However, for this project, I chose a fundamentally different approach than in the «Catacombs of Bookholm» or the «Villa Nightmare».


While earlier projects focused primarily on the visual realization of individual story contents and settings, in this work I take up only one specific metaphor that is found almost at the end of the novel: The Minroud Mine, the mine of images. Ende uses in his narrative the image that the magical land Phantasia is built on the countless sediment layers of forgotten human dream images, which are deposited in the ground and whose layers become more and more dense and compressed in the depths...

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Traumschaffende(ENG) - Galerie


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