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February 2011
VillaAlp(ENG) - Seitenanfang


Villa Nightmare

This project of the little villa nightmare (based on Michel Ende's novel «The Night of Wishes» ) was my personal introduction to model making. In this project I tried for the first time to work with different materials in combination, I cast plaster walls and glued them with cardboard, formed grape stems into bushes and sunk them into Styrodur, soaked layers of bird sand in glue, in short: I tried out everything I could think of to finally realize - quite much of that wild mixtures work!

More and more ideas for small details came up and so the project, originally intended as a test run, turned into a rather atmospheric work, which I still like very much.

 For this first model I was inspired by one of my personal favourite books: The Night of Wishes (Or the Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion) by Michael Ende. You can have a glance at the genesis of the small Villa Nightmare here.  All others can visit the gallery below.

VillaAlp(ENG) - Galerie


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