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– November 2016 –

Traumschaffende TEXT(ENG)



The model «Traumschaffende» («Dream creators») is my fourth, and with its total height of 160 cm a once again quite large project. It was created in reference to Michael Ende's famous novel «The Neverending Story».  However, for this project, I chose a fundamentally different approach than in the «Catacombs of Bookholm» or the «Villa Nightmare».

Whereas other models focused on the visual realization of concrete settings, in this work I took up only one specific (and rather abstract) metaphor, which is found at the end of the novel: The Minroud pit - the mine of dream images. In this mine a special kind of resource is extracted: Forgotten dream images. For in Micheal's story, the realm of Fantasia is built on the innumerable sediment layers of forgotten human dream images, which are deposited in the ground and whose layers become more and more dense and compressed in the depth

038 - Traumschaffende (c) Kassiopeya 201

It was this single picture that accompanied and fascinated me for many years. The idea of a world of fantasy (i.e. of the creative power of creation), which bases on largely invisible and unconscious wishes, memories and imprints - for me it has always been an incredibly apt visualization of artistic work. That is why it has always been my personal favourite image of the «Neverending Story».

After all, where do creative inspirations and ideas come from? Why do this or that motif, colour scheme or style feel right for a certain project - and others don't? Often I cannot answer those questions myself when planning a project. I create a rough concept and just go for it, let it run. The realization of the HOW and WHY often comes much, much later. And not infrequently the reason lies in own associations and experiences, which go back a very long time and are often buried very deeply.

My model «Traumschaffende»« is my attempt to cast this special experience into a concrete form. I took up Michael Ende's metaphor of the inner mine Minroud, in order to use it to translate my own feelings and experiences about the nature and effects of creative activity. It thus represents a very personal work, and thus reflects my individual thoughts and experiences about the creative process as as I experience it.

000 - Traumschaffende (c) Kassiopeya 201

So now on the surface of the model the creative activity can be seen. It is represented by two trees, which help the new creature into the world - with many hands. Their roots reach deep into the earth's interior, where they find and grasp those images from which they grow.On the still sleeping creature itself, consciousness ropes itself down into the mine to discover and contemplate the images that lie dormant there and to take a look at the riddles that lie there.

In fact, I have no idea how understandable and comprehensible this work may be to outsiders.

Also, after the project was completed, the dimensions of the model and its different, interrelated height levels alone presented me with the great challenge of packing the entire work into a somehow comprehensible and intelligible presentation form. In the end, I decided on a photo presentation that loosely retraces the path through the model and its connections and is juxtaposed with quotes from the novel. You can find the final outcome in the gallery.

And of course, for all those who want to take a look at the process of the model's development, the pictures of the WIP documentation are, as always, available in a n own WIP gallery.

070 - Traumschaffende (c) Kassiopeya 201
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