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A Madmans Tale

– September 2017 –

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A Madmans Tale

With the reduction to practice of John Katzenbach’s novel «The Madman’s Tale» I dare to deal with a psychological subject for the first time. The novel with all its thrilling features is categorized under the principal theme of schizophrenic disorder. I admit, my love for Katzenbach’s novel started out with reaching into my book crate at random. It was my first encounter with the author. Even though I subsequently devoured all his books available like a vacuum cleaner there was none that could evoke one more time this initial feeling of enthusiastic dismay. The tale of that schizophrenic Francis touched and inspired me like only few other novels before – not because of the plot but because of the sensitivity that teaches you to see the world with Francis’ eyes. Beyond that there is great narrative structure where the levels of past, presence and insanity are increasingly melting and interrelating ...     » read more

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