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– February 2016 –

Harpyr TEXT(ENG)



The third and final project of my Bookholm series is the figurative realization of a Harpyr - a bloodsucking hybrid of vampire and Harpie, which lives deep in the Catacombs of Bookholm and hangs around the railroad of the Rusty Gnomes.  Like the two previous works on this topic, this work also refers directly to Walter Moers' enchanting novel «The City of Dreaming Books» and freely interprets it's descriptions of this creepy little fellow and his natural environment.

In technical terms, the Harpyr represents a symbiosis of various techniques of two previous projects: After my model of the «Catacombs of Bookholm» and the figure of «Inazea Anazazi», this figure has now been integrated into a background frame with model elements -  showing the motif of the railroad of the Rusty Gnomes.

This approach is based on the idea of a living painting that combines two and three-dimensionality. Thus the painted elements of the background frame merge fluently into the three-dimensional model sections of the foreground, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional backdrop.

In total, the work on the object took about two months. The condensed work in progress gallery is available here.  A more detailed version of it can be found as always on my Facebook page.

031 - Harpyr (c) Kassiopeya 2016.JPG
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