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Inazea Anazazi

– November 2015 –

Inazea Anazazi (ENG) - Seitenanfang


Inazea Anazazi

After having developed an enormous joy in building figures by building Puk, I immediately started another project on the topic: A life-size figure of the Uggly «Inazea Anazazi». This bizarre fellow is my interpretation of one main character (and also of my favourite character) from Walter Moers' novel «The City of Dreaming Books». After the model of the «Catacombs of Bookholm», it is the second work I've done on this wonderful novel ...   » read more

Inazea Anazazi (ENG) - Galerie


Inazea Anazazi (ENG) - Videotour


 And while we are at it, here also the link to the Inazea video. Thanks again to Walter Moers for the huge compliment (it was an honour) and last but not least to the editor who cut the video: Patrick Hutsch, who staged my Inazea so wonderfully theatrical :) 

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