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Building the Uggly

September 2015 - November 2015

WIP Inazea (ENG) - Seitananfang


Building the Uggly

A few years after my model of the «Catacombs of Bookholm», the Orm struck again in 2015, when I started my second work based on Walter Moers' wonderful novel «The City of Dreaming Books» in the form of a life-size figure of «Inazea Anazazi».  Inazea is a so-called «Uggly», an indeed ugly and grotesque lizard-like creature with a morbid character, a tendency to clairvoyance and a great affinity for books. She is also by far my favourite character in this wonderful novel.

After I had already gained some experience with the construction of large figures shortly before with my Puk project, Inazea was a more technically mature version. Building her I supplemented the collected experiences with some additional techniques. And like the catacombs, also she was built using a wild mixture of styrodur, modelling clay, a lot of wood glue, lightweight structural paste, plaster, wire - in fact, everything that was available and that helped and seemed useful. 

And this leads us directly to the work in progress gallery:

WIP Inazea (ENG) - Galerie


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