Figures & Creatures

2011 - 2020



Figures & Creatures

Although my projects primarily focus on my literary models, the construction of figures is always a refreshingly bizarre distraction, which I like to fall back on to loosen up the phases between the larger mammoth projects. Constructing and modeling figures also gives me the chance to work on a larger scale from time to time. Because while I work on a very small scale with my models, the figures turn out considerably larger.  With them I like to take the liberty to work taller - and so I sometimes a life-size Inazea figure is the result. 

Of course, I also use similar techniques and materials for figure construction as for my models, but on this larger scale I can often experiment differently and try out new methods of use.

016 - Harpyr (c) Kassiopeya 2016.JPG
006 - Audrey II (c) Kassiopeya 2020.jpg
002 - Fred.jpg
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