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Dream creating

Februar 2016– November 2016

WIP Traumschaffende TEXT (ENG) - TEXT
Dream Creating

February 2016– November 2016


Dream Creating

My model «Traumschaffende» («dream creators») with its construction time of about 5-6 months turned out as one of my longer projects. It was also much fun to work on it: Because of its different heights levels and settings, I could use different techniques and also had the opportunity to try out some new ideas - especially the pouring of pictures in transparent acryl. In retrospect it was one of the most interesting projects for me that kept many surprises. Because even though I had to do very little replanning during the construction and could realize the planned construction almost exactly as expected, its final appearance remained a surprise for me until the end 

 This is unusual in that it usually happens the other way round. I usually start with a visual idea/ and a rough concept, but the exact structure and techniques often evolve as the project progresses.

The final result is a model that essentially combines the construction principles of the «Bookholm» and the «Harpyr», i.e. a cross-section model with above and below ground areas, which, however, is built like a picture on a plate at the back.This means also that there is only one observer's perspective.

While the relatively small part of the aboveground area is reserved for the representation of the actual creative process (represented by two very active trees), the underground area of the sediments occupies the much larger part. It is divided into two sections: An upper, bright one, which represents the conscious considerations, ideas and inspirations and that increasingly angular and darker sector, which stands for the subconscious and fears.

WIP Traumschaffende (c) Kassiopeya 2016
WIP Traumschaffende (c) Kassiopeya 2016

For designing both areas, numerous individually cut pieces of styrodur were assembled to form amorphous, figural and wave-like sediments. Between them, the dream images cast in casting resin were also distributed. The sediments, which become thinner and thinner towards the bottom, are crossed thruogh by the numerous roots of the two trees on the surface They are thick at the top and increasingly thin at the bottom, and which wrap around the individual dream images, firmly "reach for" them.  The root system thus forms the connecting element between the upper and lower world, between doing and the thought image.

WIP Traumschaffende (c) Kassiopeya 2016

Of course, I did not choose any random motifs for the  dream images that are build in between the sediments. On the contrary - each of them has a very representative and unique character and meaning for me.

While the dream images of the upper area  reflect those ideas and projects that have occupied me in recent years, the images of the lower unconscious and darker area represent those thoughts that I usually like to push far away from me. 

For the technical implementation, the individual motifs were first painted with acrylic paint on cardboard, then photographed and minimized to their later format and finally cast in.  Finally, the design is completed by the centrally positioned small nacelle with its figure, which descends on a rope down the mine shaft in order to view the pictures from there.

So much for that and now for the WIP gallery:

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