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Building PUK

May 2015 - September 2015

WIP PUK (ENG) - Seitenanfang


Building PUK

The microphone stand PUK (a commissioned work) was my personal start into figure building. And although I hadn't any experience, the realization was actually not as complicated as expected, since I was able to fall back on techniques and materials that I was familiar with from model building. Another helpful factor was that PUK was built around a metal core (the microphone stand itself), which ensured the necessary stability from the outset. This meant that I didn't have to consider any static aspects during construction and could concentrate entirely on the appearance of the figure itself.

All in all, the construction took about 7 weeks, whereby the extremely long drying periods stretched the working process enormously. Even though PUK is not yet as advanced as its successor «Inazea Anazazi», the figure is definitely one of my favourite works. This is not least due to the fact that with her I was finally able to realize my long-cherished dream of building a life-size insect. 

WIP PUK (ENG) - Galerie


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