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Dragon Lamp

– September 2021 –

Drachenlampe (ENG) - Seitenanfang

Dragon Lamp

When you finish a major project, you need to clear your head. Everyone does that differently - I for one enjoy building lamps in such cases. And so, after my Needful Things model project, this sculptural lamp-object came into being: A Literary Dragon Lamp. 

What started as a commissioned work for a dear friend and as an intermediate finger exercise, quickly developed into an enormously appealing project of my own. Even though I've outgrown the classic fantasy genre for some time now, I was able to try out numerous new techniques in this work, which are otherwise rather rare in my usual model settings. And so now a small dragon's nest and pulsating eggs came into being, where I could try out new papier-mâché techniques as well as indulge in figure building.

The result is a classic book lamp that depicts numerous classic works of the dragon fantasy genre. On the pile of books of significant works by Tolkien, Rowling, Martin and (of course) Moers (as well as relevant rulebooks by DsA), two freshly hatched representatives of the dragon guild are here literary climbing on their literary forefathers.  Next to them shines the dragon's nest, from which both have emerged... and in which a third still slumbers happily.

And yes, even if my excursions into the classic fantasy genre otherwise remain rather rare, this one was simply unbelievable fun for me. As always, you can see the documentary about the projects genesis in the separate WIP gallery - for everyone else, go straight to the ...

Drachenlampe (ENG) - Gallery


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