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– February 2020 –

Oscar(ENG) - Seitenanfang


Chandelier Oscar

The construction of Oscar, the Octopus chandelier, is once again a project for personal use.  For a long time I wanted to have an octopus chandelier for our apartment. And since you can't find such special objects accidentally on Ebay, you simply have to help yourself. I have a weakness for building lamps anyway, and especially when it comes to chandeliers with multiple arms, there is hardly a more suitable concept than that of an octopus, with a light bulb in all of its 8 arms. At least in my eyes.

The challenge of this project was to keep the total weight of the figure as low as possible - after all, it should be mountable on the ceiling without any problems. Accordingly, the core was made exclusively of very light materials and only the outer shell of stronger and heavier materials.

Oscar(ENG) - Galerie


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