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November 2019 – February 2020

WIP Oscar (ENG) - Seitenanfang


Building Oscar

The construction of the chandelier «Oscar» was one of my most interesting figure projects so far. On the one hand the statics of the lamp figure was a challenge. The chandelier had to be adjusted constantly during construction so that the freely hanging octopus did not get a lopsided position. Also, Oscar must not exceed a certain total weight, which is why the substructure was built as light as possible from Styrofoam/ Styrodur and more solid materials were only used for the outer shell.  

The extravagant lamp was also one of my most elaborate works to date, which more than once drove me close to the edge of despair.  Just to sprinkle the bulky octopus with styrofoam flakes all around it had to be turned and rotated between the drying phases a dozen times - and there were always still areas and corners I hadn't caught, while the styrofoam flakes on the other hand were spread all over our apartment...

In the end, however, I am more than satisfied with the final result - even though I will definitely not repeat such a mess anytime soon.

WIP Oscar (ENG) - Galerie


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