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Great to see you!

You found your way into Kassiopeya's studio. So come in, look around and make yourself at home! Awaiting you is a colourful mixture of all the fantastic and bizarre objects that have sprung up in Kassiopeya's workshop over the past years.

Many legged insects are just as at home here as shrill creatures, blood-sucking fluttering beasts and suicidal rabbits. Your path will lead you through snow-covered parks and deep down into creepy sewers and underground libraries.

So I hope you have fun - and wear sturdy shoes!


There is no art to it

 ... right! Kassiopeya tends to do a lot - but unfortunately not serious art.

Born and grown up 41 years ago in the middle of Germany, I have always been spellbound by the creation of things. Unfortunately I have always lacked any ambition to make a statement with my work, to spread out my soul life or to present a mirror to the world. Although technically skilled, I soon proved to be unsuitable for the career of a serious and above all serious (hihi) artist - and I have learned to deal with this fact.


I love art in all its facets, and one particular form of art in particular is my passion: the story told. Whether novels, films or audio books - since childhood I have been reading, watching and listening to myself through the endless vastness of fictional stories, collecting them carefully and with them the images they create in my head. My works are to be understood in this context, because some of these pictures get stuck and keep on working silently over the time. There are stories, figures or ideas that touch a nerve and do not let go of me even after years. And these pictures want to get out at some point.  So in the end, most of my works can be understood as a tribute to those wonderful creations of other artists that have enriched and influenced my life so deeply. I say most of the works - because sometimes there are also quite profane reading lamps among them.


Thereby I jump with my projects across all genres and design techniques and am always excited like a child on Christmas Eve when I discover a new technique that opens up new possibilities for me.


 So this is my approach - and no, I do not work artistically in the literal sense.  But I work with passion. As an imaginative, technically skilled craft nerd, I am enthusiastic about every new idea that can be used to create a theme that I love. And if there are people who enjoy what I create and I can share this passion with them, then I am very happy.


Therefore: Great that you are here!


Contact me!


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