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– September 2015 –




This rather extravagant figure-object is a commissioned work, for which I had a relatively free hand regarding the design.  Requested was a fancy and unique sculpture microphone stand with effects. With such a free hand, it naturally made sense to combine the commission with a project I had in mind for some time anyway: the construction of a life-size insect. The first idea was to combine the desired fog machine effect with the figure of the caterpillar from «Alice in Wonderland».

PUK (c) Kassiopeya 2015

In the end, I changed this approach in favour of effect (and because a too obvious reference to "Alice in Wonderland" would have been too specific for the commissioning band). And so I and designed my owwn mixed insect form instead.

And the result is this 160 cm tall fellow - a symbiosis of ant, grasshopper and fly. But still smoking and carrying a hat, - to add at least a little Alice charm to the project.

For the neccessary stability the figure was built around a stable telescopic microphone stand. Thereby I have installed a plastic tube along the stand, inside the figure, which leads from the snout to the feet. On this tube you can now connect the fog machine. In this way Puk can authentically exhale smoke, which is then nicely distributed through the funnel-shaped trunk end. In addition, the inside of PUKs eyes are illuminated with LEDs, which can be switched on theatrically if required.


Also for this project the complete work-in-progress documentation can be seen in a detailed WIP gallery

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