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Building Derry

November 2016 – February 2017



Building Derry

The Derry construction work in its present design has been an experimental and ambitious project in many ways. In order to realize the specific images and the basic approach, as I used to have them on my mind, I had to check out various new techniques at the same time. In the initial period only the fewest of these new techniques could be predicted as prospectively effective and matching each other.

Most of all I’d like to mention the painted effects of the city lights and the perspectively distorted construction on the surface – both attempts that sound great and logic in theory but are easy to fail completely when put into practice.

These issues gave me a lot more headaches than the comparatively well-predictable attempt of placing both Derry levels precisely on top and inside the cabinet.

Welcome to Derry WIP (c) Kassiopeya 2017

The fact that I finally managed to make all three approaches meet for a project so important to me is what made »Welcome to Derry« so special, not only because I did learn a lot during construction.


Of course descriptions concerning an artworks technical specifics are of different relevance to different types of viewers. This is why I splitted the written explanations up in a seperate chapter. Those of you who would like die read more about the technical background of Derry can do this here.

For all impatient individuals and all those who don’t care too much about the How and Why, here come the photographs of the Work-in-Progress documentary.


No matter what you are going to do next – enjoy and have fun!

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