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– September 2013 –


E Reader

– September 2013 –

E Reader (ENG) -Seitenanfang

E Reader Cover

With the technical development of e-readers, and the associated possibility of access to an infinite number of books, a long-cherished dream came true for me. Accordingly, a new project grew out of the purchase of my first reader, tocelebrate this event.

And which design would be more suitable for unlimited access to literature than that of Michael Ende's " Neverending Story"? I spent a few weeks planning, designing and building the cover in book design, as it was seen in Wolfgang Petersen's filmic realisation of the novel at the time, and in doing so I dealt in depth with the technique of bookbinding.

The result is now a cover bound in leather and lined with handmade paper, in which the device can be completely sunk. The mask leaves only the actual screen area free and designed front pages complete the impression of an antique book.

E Reader (ENG) - Galerie


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