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Book lamp

– January 2020 –

Buecherlampe (ENG) - Setenanfang


Book lamp

Here are the pictures of a small side project that was created after "Nightfall in the Lot": A book lamp... ...or light sculpture... ...or something in that sense.

As so often, the project exploded under my hands during construction and grew at least twice the size as originally planned. The result is a whole stack of different books from which the storys characters tumble out. Many of the books are known from past projects anyway: Stephen King, Michael Ende, Moers - the usual giants. The uppermost book ("Alice in Wonderland") with its mushroom shape forms the lampshade. 

By the way, the little Bookling figures are not made by me but by the very gifted miniature maker, draughtsman and artist Gerhard Schellert, who gave them to me as a present some years ago. Since then they have been waiting for their opportunity to be used - and here it is now. 

Buecherlampe (ENG) - Gallery


Buecherlampe (ENG) - WIP


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