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Duma Key
                 january 2024

between Shelves

Duma Key ENG -Seitenanfang

Duma Key between Shelves

Here we are again - the second part of my little Book Nook series, in which I would like to devote myself to some smaller works for a change ("smaller" means the kind that will still fit through the room door after completion). With this series, I would like to take the opportunity to finally realize some of those stories that I really like, but which for one reason or another are not really ideal for a large project of their own.  

So also this little scenery once again takes us into the cozy little world of Stephen King, more precisely into the middle of his novel "Duma Key". Although the story about a lonely painter (whose work and creations increasingly develop a life of their own) literally cries out for a visual realization, a model project of my own based on this novel was always out of the question for me. This was mainly due to the exuberant setting of the story: 90% of the novel takes place in a beach house on the Florida coast ... with a view of the sea... in the middle of the jungle. For a comprehensive model realization on a large scale, this would have meant casting an entire ocean and building a jungle landscape along with a beach house... and for all my love of the original, that is simply a construction nightmare - especially if you hate building plants as much as I do. 

But sometimes the atmospheric essence of a story can be depicted much better on a small scale than on a large one. And so the small painter's studio now forms the heart of the setting - while the jungle and sea can only be glimpsed through the panoramic windows and (as in the novel itself) form the atmospheric backdrop. 

The scenery is once again framed by a bunch of artificial books, all of which relate to the story itself - and also cleverly hide the model's frame construction.

And with that, without further ado, on to the gallery! Have fun!


Duma Key ENG - Galerie
Duma Key ENG - WIP

Building Little Pink

When building the small Duma Key painting studio "Little Pink", my main aim was to capture the tropical sunset flair of the story as well as possible - a project that is of course somewhat tricky if you are only planning to depict an interior. Since tropical details/accents are largely omitted in such a case (i.e. they can only be seen through the window at most), everything stands and falls with the lighting mood, of course. So the main focus of this nice mini-project was to capture or artificially imitate the warm play of light and shadow in the painting/coloring of the scenery - and to match it to the outdoor landscape.


These kinds of challenges are always great fun for me, as I can really go wild here when it comes to painting atmospheres and I'm always eager to see how the final arrangement will end up looking. 

And that brings us to the WIP gallery! This only includes the picture gallery. However, if you would like to delve even deeper, you can find more detailed building descriptions and pictures on my Blog.  


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