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March 2017 – September 2017




Work on »The Madman’s Tale« in my mind is a great example of how rapidly a good resolution may turn into a huge backfire. In contrast to my otherwise widely dimensioned model works Madman was supposed to be a recreational project since I had scheduled the realization of this outstanding narration on a much lower scale. I planned to create a fine small model based on the idea of small miniatures in an equivalent surrounding. The basic idea seemed to be perfect: The scenario of a one-room chamber play as scheduled seemed not to request much space and I was firmly determined to pull my socks up this time. I should have known better.


When you start work on your favorite novel self-discipline doesn’t mean a lot. Thus the final realization turned into quite the opposite (no surprise) to finally be the the biggest chunk in my workshop since ever.

WIP The Madman's Tale (c) Kassiopeya 2017

In search of a reason (aside the lack of self-discipline) there are two main culprits to be mentioned:


On the one hand there is this in my mind irresistible concept of the original novel. The blurred boundaries of time, perception and narration allow any gimmickry with the visual realization. Shadows and perspectives may do whatsoever, inside may turn outside, the front to the rear. And suddenly the usually so well-disciplined little devil takes off his muzzle and keeps whispering »Nevertheless, one would be able …« Of course, one could …try concepts that hardly could be applied to any other narration.

This leads me to the second chief culprit: the stacking concept of wall-behind-wall. I am sorry to say that basically this idea could be carried on indefinitely which, of course, undermines the intention of keeping the project small and simple. The little devil on your shoulder can be a real hard-header and generally the walls are tall not small…


As I said before, I should have known better.


With that in mind let’s be heading for WIP :)

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