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September 2023 until ongoing

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Book Nooks!

Among all my various large-scale projects, in late summer 2023 I felt the need to try to do something more manageable. I wanted it to be small and cozy - models that wouldn't take months to complete...and that wouldn't have to be juggled out the door in hair-raising maneuvers once they were finished.... Ha! A new challenge!

In order to limit myself size-wise, I set myself the goal that the new models should fit on a shelf - and what better way to do that than with a series of nice little book nook projects?

As an avid reader, this approach also suited me very well, because it gave me the opportunity to finally implement book templates that I could never realize because they were not suitable for a large scenery for various reasons.

What I couldn't do on a large scale, I could finally do on a small scale within the framework of my Book Nooks. And so one or the other novel got a small monument after all.


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March 2024

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